Trade Show Management


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What’s your passion? Automobile repair? Refrigeration? The culinary arts? There are as many different kinds of possible trade shows as there are colors in the world.

If you’ve decided to host a trade show, you also know just how many details are necessary to pull it off. And it’s not good enough to just execute them; you need to do it well.

The pressure of coordinating with vendors and exhibition centers and getting the set-up and breakdown of your event done can be immense. Let us take some of that off your shoulders. Jenks Productions is a pro at trade show management in the Northeast US.


Trade Show Management Northeast

Jenks Productions is a premier coordinator of trade show management in the Northeast. We help to produce shows in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and New York.

That kind of expertise in the region means that we can cater precisely to the needs of your shows. Only go with a company with experience working in the state and area where you will host your show.

There are too many details regarding zoning and permits to risk hiring someone who might not know what they’re doing. With Jenks Productions, you can relax knowing that’s all taken care of. 

Get in contact with us to find out more information.


Event Production

When it comes to the bones of your event set-up, Jenks Production will work with the facility and contractors to ensure you’re getting the best price and services possible.

We’ll also conduct attendee surveys, set up VIP areas, and take care of any unique decor you need.


On-Site Management

Set up, operation during the event, and coordination with on-site personnel will all be conducted by us. This assistance will give you time to focus on vendors and guests, making the most of the experience and not having to worry over every detail.


Event Art and Design

Logs, ticket design, art, you’ll need it. Rather than having to manage all of that on your own, we’ll take care of the bidding so that you get the best art for the money you’re willing to spend.


Event Account and Financial

We know that finances are essential. You give us the budget you want to work within, and we devise the plan. You’re in control the entire time, with us providing updates and guidance on the best way to get what you need for your trade show to succeed.


Event Marketing Coordination

For any trade show to be successful, you’ll want to attract the right vendors and ensure that your event is publicized enough that people show up.

With our handy pamphlets, we collect all of the information from your vendors and assemble it in the most effective ways possible. Your vendors will get the publicity they want from participating in your trade show, and you won’t have to stress over the finer details.


Why Us? Take a Look

If you want an idea of the events we help coordinate, just look at any of our upcoming home shows or wedding and bridal expos. These are only a handful of flawlessly planned and executed events for our clients.


To print a list of our large event planning services, download our Full List of Event Management Services PDF.

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