The Many Benefits of Attending a Home Show

Jenks Productions Home Show

The Many Benefits of Attending a Home Show

Home shows can be an incredibly valuable resource for homeowners, prospective homeowners, and those looking to renovate or update their living spaces. The Northeast Home Expo Shows offered by Jenks Productions deliver an abundance of insights and opportunities in one convenient weekend event.

With over 43 years of experience constructing quality home shows, Jenks Productions strives to create the perfect exhibition featuring hundreds of vendors and home improvement professionals. This carefully curated selection of high-quality vendors and experts allows attendees to efficiently plan entire home projects or weddings in a single day.

As the Northeast’s largest trade show producer of Home Shows, Bridal Shows, and RV & Camping Shows, Jenks Productions is committed to providing an amazing experience for both attendees and vendors while giving back to local non-profit organizations. With over 25 shows per year available to the local community, these home expo events have something for everyone.


Benefits for Homeowners and Prospective Homeowners

Attending a Jenks Productions Home Expo Show provides the following valuable benefits:


The expo format conveniently allows you to speak with hundreds of home improvement professionals, home builders, interior designers, landscapers, and more in one place. This saves you substantial time as you explore various options and gather ideas.

Cost Savings

With so many vendors under one roof, competition encourages exhibitors to provide special offers and discounted promotional pricing on their services exclusively for expo attendees.


Viewing innovative exhibits and tangible product samples helps spark creative ideas for your own home projects. From seeing the latest trends and styles firsthand to discovering new solutions you may not have previously considered.


Contractors and vendors at Jenks Home Shows are carefully selected and required to showcase real samples of their work. This allows you to not just hear about their services, but see and feel actual finished products, helping you make hiring decisions with greater confidence.


Benefits for Industry Professionals

In addition to advantages for homeowners, Jenks Production Home Shows also provide an array of perks for industry experts including:

Lead Generation

Exhibiting provides contractors a targeted opportunity to interact face-to-face with motivated, quality leads in their local community. Many vendors gain new business and loyal customers by participating in Jenks Home Shows year after year.

Brand Exposure

With advertising and promotional campaigns driving thousands of attendees, exhibitors receive prime exposure to a highly qualified audience of potential customers already interested in home services. This delivers more bang for your marketing buck.

Direct Feedback

Expos allow contractors to describe their capabilities and gather real-time feedback and insights by conversing firsthand with prospects. Hearing customer priorities and preferences provides valuable input to help tailor service offerings.

No matter if you are a homeowner, industry professional, or simply love staying on top of the latest home trends, a home show expo by Jenks Productions aims to be an inspiring and rewarding experience for all.


Frequently Asked Questions About Attending

If you are considering a visit to an upcoming Northeast Home Expo Show, below are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What are the upcoming show dates and locations?

Visit the Jenks Productions website for a full schedule. Most shows occur between January to April in Connecticut and Massachusetts areas.

What kind of vendors and contractors will be there?

Hundreds of home improvement specialists exhibit in categories like windows and doors, siding, roofing, flooring, kitchen, bath, landscape, and many more. A full list is available on the Jenks site.

What should I bring?

Be sure to arrive with any specific home project plans or measurements, cameras to photograph vendor booths, and brochures to gather more information. Bringing a reusable bag makes it easy to collect sales flyers and business cards from exhibitors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore home renovation insights while saving money on your next project. Learn more about the upcoming consumer trade shows near you!